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About Sciencentre

Vadakara Near Head Post Office,Edodi, Vadakara, Kozhikode Dt.,

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"Education should be made to conform social and individual needs of the child, so that he/she may lead a happy and contended life in future"

Science Centre now the diction of victory by addressing educational process scientifically, which can be read only from the exam results gained by our students and the up going admission in every academic year. We become top training centre of the place and in the nearest terrain by hard work. A team having mission and vision working hard for last five years and yields in medical and engineering entrance examination and plus two examinations. The appointment of faculties in any discipline is done only after a satisfied screening of the subject experts and the pupil to be feed. Thus we are confident to say that we are giving an excellent coaching.

Pupils get opportunity to clear their doubts apart from their regular class. This facility of scaffolding has a key role in the success of our students and this differentiates us from others.

Science centre has an examination and continuous evaluation pattern [Descriptive test series (DTS), weekly entrance test (WT), Subject wise class test (SWCT), Merit exam test]. Centre conducts examinations frequently and by having continuous evaluation analyses the status of students and suggests the remedy for uplifting of students. We deeply believe that it is indispensible to mantain the live contact with parents during the era of stress and strain of the child, which help them to keep right track. Centre conducts parents meeting of full strength two three times in each academic year, the content of these meeting updates teachers and parents-according to the global change- in the presence of eminent personalities through guidance and counseling especially in medical, engineering and other competitive examinations. Centre usually conducts parents and teacher class wise meeting on second Sunday of every month, there share the strength and the weakness of child and fix the favorable measure. We can write in bold letters that parents are always welcome to the centre to communicate about their wards, no need of waiting for a regular meeting time. We recognize teacher- parent -pupil togetherness make the result top to the individual and to the whole centre. We are always in conscious to maintain such a basic necessity of togetherness of teaching learning process.

We facilitate well equipped library, Printed study materials, transportation are our responsibility. Scheduled co-curricular activities and art-cultural celebrations support the students and it makes an easy walkover. As per the motto of science centre we are always as friends, philosophers and guides.

We are very glad by remembering the smiling faces of some disserved candidates those who learned and earned the life by the humanitarian hand of the science centre. At present the team science centre is under a home work and Science centre now at VATAKARA and KALLACHI will have an international exposure in near future.